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Recruitment of subjects for scientific study with electro-encephalography (EEG)
If you wish to participate in the Mediumship research study taking place at the Institute of Noetic Sciences as a control participant, please fill in the information below. We will get back to you if you meet the needed inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Privacy: Your identity will remain confidential and participation is voluntary. ALL INFORMATION ENTERED HERE WILL BE DESTROYED AND WILL NEVER BE USED FOR ADVERTISEMENT OR SOLD TO THIRD PARTY. We will never contact you except for the purpose of participating to this study.

If we do not contact you, it does not mean you were not fit for the study. We simply have to match participants by age and gender, and not everybody will be selected.

This study has been approved by the Institute of Noetic Science' s Institutional Review Board (IRB; i.e. ethical committee).
Do you have any psychic ability or associated ability that you are aware of? *
Are you willing to commute to the Institute of Noetic Sciences at your own expense? ($100 gift card for participating is all inclusive; no additional reimbursement for travel expense will be made) *
Can you see black & white photographs well in a low light room? *
Are you currently diagnosed with a psychiatric condition, or following a medical treatment? *
Please specify your age:51 *
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What is the highest degree you have obtained? If currently enrolled, highest degree received. *
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