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2019 Engineering Expo Corporate Registration
Thank you for your interest to participate in USF Engineering Expo 2019 as we "Sea The Future" for our Oceans and Water themed Expo! Engineering Expo is going to be held on February 15-16, 2019 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Corporate Exhibitor Team at We are here to support you as best as we can!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Exhibits are subject to quality control check by the Expo Board and USF Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS). For more information about and examples of EHS standard operating procedures visit:

2. Corporate should expect to be present for the entire duration of Expo on Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Please indicate in the special instructions if you intend to present on one day only.

3. Insurance Requirement:
Corporate/Non-USF Organizations - require coverage of General Liability $1 million/$2 million aggregate and in some cases, Automobile liability at a limit of $1 million. USF must be included as an additional insured as "University of South Florida Board of Trustees, a public body corporate of the State of Florida".

*If you do not have the necessary insurance requirements when submitting this registration form, you will need to email the documents to no later than January 14, 2019.

By submitting this form, your organization agrees to all Terms and Conditions set forth by USF's Engineering Expo.

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Is your organization interested in sponsoring Expo? *
If yes, what level of sponsorship is your organization interested in?
Has your company participated in Engineering Expo before? If so, what year(s)?
For Corporate, please submit proof of insurance.
Title of your exhibit *
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What ages ranges apply the most to your exhibit? *
How many people will be running your exhibit on Friday (February 15th)? *
How many people will be running your exhibit on Saturday (February 16th)? *
Do the personnel running the exhibit/experiment require training? *
Are you planning on bringing your own tent(s)? If so, what size? (Any size larger than 10x10 will need to be inspected by EH&S - Environmental Health and Safety.) *
If you would like to arrive early Thursday (February 14th) to set up your exhibit, how many parking passes will you need? *
How many parking passes will you need in total for Engineering Expo (Friday and Saturday, 1 per car per day)? *
How many tables will you need for your exhibit? *
How many chairs will you need for your exhibit? *
Will your exhibit require access to any of these? *
If your organization needs electricity, please provide a list of possible equipment that require electricity.
If using chemicals, how do you plan on storing and transporting them? What is the Personal Protection Equipment required to use them? Do spills present a risk to those operating and attending?
Does your exhibit require hazardous waste containers? If yes, specify how many. *
Would you prefer an inside or outside space? Please indicate why. *
If returning, was your location last year satisfactory? Please include any information that can help us determine the best location for your exhibit.
Please describe any other concerns or requirements that we should be aware of.
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