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Application to attend AIXSU
Fill in this form to apply for the AI and Existential Risk Strategy Unconference (AIXSU), taking place on Fri Nov 29 to Sun Dec 1 in 2019 at the EA hotel in Blackpool.
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Prior involvement
We require that all participants have some prior involvement in AI strategy, existential risk strategy, or related enough other work.
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Please provide any information and links here that shows your prior involvement in strategy. Papers, blog posts, linkedin profile, etc.
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During the event
Would you like to organize something during the unconference?
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What topics are you most interested in?
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Would you like to sleep in a dorm or book your own room at a hotel? *
Dorms will be shared with other unconference visitors, private rooms can be booked at other nearby hotels (we will provide info about these)
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May we share your email address with the other participants?
There might be things you want to coordinate with the other participants before the event, e.g. gauge interest for something you want to organize during the unconference. This will be easier we can share email addresses.
May we share your name and affiliation on a public participant list?
Since an unconference is what the participants make of it, some people will want to know who else is coming before they apply.
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