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2017-2018 Tappan PTSO Mini & Maxi Grant Application

* Please read prior to filling out the online application form *

Award decisions are based on the Mini-Maxi Grant Committee’s discretion on how funds should be dispersed to make the most meaningful impact on the Tappan community and the amount of funding available. Priority will be given to grants that are directly aligned with the school improvement goals that have been defined by the principals and staff. The Mini-Maxi Grant Committee consists of the PTSO Executive Committee and the Tappan Principals.

In order for a grant application to be considered the following criteria must be met:
1. The grant application must clearly demonstrate how students will benefit as a result of the funding.
2. The benefit to students falls into one or more of the following categories:
a. Curriculum: Enhance the curriculum or fill a gap in the curriculum.
b. Enrichment: Enrich the student’s learning experience and personal development.
c. Participation: Enable and promote student participation in learning activities.
3. The grant needs to target a well-defined group such as:
a. The entire student body
b. A grade level
c. A classroom
d. A subset of students participating in specific program or club

Mini Grants (up to $500): Mini grants are designed to meet needs of individual teachers, staff and Tappan-affiliated organizations. Mini grants are approved by the PTSO Executive Committee on an ongoing basis as applications are received.

Maxi Grants ($500-$2,500): Maxi grants are designed to augment facilities and/or programs that benefit a large group of students (beyond one classroom). Maxi grant requests must be published in the Thursday Thing prior to being discussed and voted upon at a PTSO meeting.


1. Review the grant guidelines & the two types of PTSO grants above.
2. Complete the following application.
3. Discuss your grant request with the Tappan Principal or Vice Principal. If he/she approves of your request you may then submit your request to the Tappan PTSO President.
4. The Tappan PTSO President will submit to the executive board for discussion and approval.
5. You will be notified via e-mail about the outcome of your request.

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