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Property Owners Form: Larkspur Housing Element Update
We are preparing for the 6th Cycle Housing Element update in Larkspur and want to hear from property owners who may be interested in future housing development. This information will be considered through our Sites Inventory Analysis process. It is not necessary to have a full proposal ready to go with this introduction. This form enables you to confirm your intention to consider future housing construction at your site. By answering additional questions, you may help us understand your goals and any possible barriers that would need to be addressed.  The City may invite you to future opportunities to participate in this process. Thank you.
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1. Property Owner Contact information. *
Full name and preferred method of contact (email address or phone number).
2. Property Representative Contact information.
Full name and preferred method of contact (email address or phone number).
3. Property Address or parcel number. *
4. Do you believe a rezone is necessary to meet the housing unit goals envisioned with this property?
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5. Property Size (acres or square feet), if known.
6. Are there other uses on this property, in addition to residential? *
If so, please list and explain.
7. How many housing units do you envision being developed at this property? *
8. When would you like to develop this property? *
9.  What do you believe may be barriers to potential development at this site? *
10. Site Conditions *
11. Existing Development *
12. Have any of the following reports been prepared? *
13. Existing Utilities *
14. Access? *
15. Type(s) of Development under Consideration? *
16. Lot configuration? *
17. Parking configuration preference? *
18. Affordability considerations? (check all that apply) *
19. Will the development or redevelopment result in displacement? *
20. Is there a draft plan to address displacement? *
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