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Time Preferences Update - NewportTennis Club
This form identifies the Participant by their Email address and Passkey.

If you have used the Tennis Scheduling System before, an Account was created for you with your initials as your Pass Key. If you are new to TSS, submit a Account Create Form before submitting any other TSS Forms.

Each participant can identify one time preference or restriction for each normal play time associated with the weekly round robins. The play time preference or restriction applies to all future weeks yet to be scheduled.

This form can to used to update an already specified entry for a playing time

You Identify the Day of week, Play Time and the Restriction/Preference.
Choosing -none- for the Restriction would delete any existing restriction for that time.

Each form submission would update only one time restriction.

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Your Pass Key is required to make any changes to your account. Your Pass Key is usually your initials, unless you have changed it to another easy to remember code.
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Day of Week *
Choose week day on which you want to update a preference/restriction
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Choose time for the play time preference/restriction
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Select either a preference or restriction or eliminate an existing preference/restriction for the above day of week and time
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