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Web Development for Websites
Please email me the link to your personal website by 2/27/2016.

We'll have to meet deadlines for the clubs we are working with, so here's your first deadline!

For the questions labelled "Have you done the XX tutorial/series", please screenshot your results and send it to my email and

I'm more than happy to answer questions about anything you might have, but we need to catch you up to speed with web development. We can't hold your hand throughout the entire project, simply because we are too busy.

Have you done the Codeacademy HTML / CSS tutorials? (10 hours) *
Have you done the git tutorial? (2 hours) *
Have you done the Make Your Own Website tutorial? (5 hours) *
Have you done the responsive design with bootstrap tutorial? (5 hours) *
What's your personal website URL? *
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