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BBFF2018 Volunteer Application Form
BBFF is always looking to build its team of passionate and dedicated, film-loving volunteers.

We have a number of departments and this form has questions which help us understand your skills set and experience and which helps you see the areas we need crew for. You don't have to live in the Northern Rivers to join our team, if you're looking to build up your skills and resume there are a number of areas which you can help us out with from almost anywhere in the world. The Byron Bay International Film Festival is, at its core, a platform for talent - and this includes yours...

Please fill it out to the best of your ability and thanks for your interest and offer of support. If you have a current CV please email it to

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Your Committment
Are you offering to volunteer from now and in the months leading up to BBFF2018? *
Are you available to work in our Bangalow office? *
If so which days suit you best?
Do you have a laptop you could bring with you?
Are you available to work remotely from your own home via the Internet?
BBFF has worked with Volunteers from all around Australia and the world who are passionate about film and are looking to build their experience. Remote work is also an option for Local Volunteers too who may have family commitments, find it difficult to be available during business hours or who may want to finish the tasks they started in our office back at home.
If you are ONLY working with us remotely what kind of commitment do you think you could give us?
Hours per week, known available days etc
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Do you have any other commitments in the lead up to the festival or during?
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Your Background
Have you been our our team before?
If so which year/years?
Relevant areas of study
Current or past
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Relevant Work Experience *
If you have an up to date CV please also email a copy to
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Have you volunteered for other organisations or causes?
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Your Skills
Are you a Mac or a PC Person? *
Computer Literacy *
On a scale of 1 to 10 where do you feel your skills lie?
Do you have experience and skills with the following software? *
Do you have experience or skills in the following areas? *
For Filmmakers:
Please outline your areas of expertise
So you have your RSA? *
Do you have First Aid Training? *
Do you hold a current Australian Driver's Licence? *
Have you been to the festival before?
If yes please outline what you did or saw in the 'other' line
Your Strengths
Is there anything you would like to add?
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BBFF2018 - Areas of Particular Interest to You
When offering your time in the lead-up to the event itself where possible we will try and match you to the areas of operation which most engage and excite you.
Prior to the Festival *
These are some of the areas we seek to place our team members in the months leading up to the event
Just Before and During The Festival *
Everyone is expected to pitch in where needed or allocated during the festival itself but we'll still work on prioritising your area of interest
Your Availability during the festival *
BBFF2017 will run from Oct 12th - 21st
Are you available to help out on our Outdoor Screening? *
Exact date tbc
Are you available to help us bump in/set up the venues? *
Thursday and Friday Prior to the festival - The 10th and 11th of October
Are you available to help us bump out? *
Monday following the festival - The 22nd of October
Why are you interested in being on the BBFF Team? *
Please add anything-else you'd like us to know here...
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What size T-Shirt do you wear *
Do you have any dietary requirements?
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Do you have any medical conditions &/or allergies that you feel should be aware of? (please be aware that we have office cats)...
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