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Writing Client Questionnaire
Please complete the following questions to help us gauge how we may assist you in making your vision a reality!
Name and email address *
What type of writing are you focusing on?
What is the target of your writing?
How do you want your audience to feel when reading the finished project?
What writing voice or tone best reflects your brand and customers? (Formal, casual, conversational, humorous, etc.)
Have you began any writing? If so, is it possible for us to review them?
Are there any others writers you are working with currently? If so, how many?
In regards to previous experiences, what could have previous companies done better to meet the needs of your writing standards, if any?
What kind of publishers do you have interest in?
How will your material be distributed?
When would you like the finished project?
Additional comments...
What investment are you willing to make in order for us to deliver the comprehensive and professional services you are requesting? (i.e. $500-$1K, $1K-$5K, $5K-$10K, $20K+).
(Pleas note, a ballpark figure is required in order to provide you with a fixed-cost estimate.)
We've found that projects are like snowflakes - no two are ever alike. With that in mind, please provide any additional details you think we should know about that we haven't covered......
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