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Ōtepoti Theatre Lab Playwright Programme
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1. Title - a working title for your script. Try and grab our attention!
2. Genre/style - You don’t need to limit yourself to one style/genre, but we do want to get a sense of the style of play you envision. This could be a monologue or a farce. It could be an absurd comedy. Feel free to name other plays that you have seen/read that have inspired you and are of a similar style.
3. Characters - The name and a brief description (including approx. age) of each character. Four characters maximum.
4. Synopsis of your playscript - What happens? Tell us the story including the beginning, middle, and end. Remember that your play will be between 10-15 minutes in length.300 words maximum.
5. Your mentor - We will do our best to match you with the right mentor for you. To help us do this, please tell us what you value in a mentor, what specific playwriting elements you want to focus on, and if you have particular NZ/Aotearoa playwriting mentors in mind.
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