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テーマキャンプ・アート申請      Theme camp & Art registration




This is a form for theme camp organizers and artists who would like to reserve a spot at Burning Japan 2021. Theme camp area is flat and spacey than solo camp area and each spot will face the main street, which will be active all the time.

Theme camps and art projects that needs to be registered are listed below.
This is for safety reasons and also for placement before the gate opening.

●Requesting reserved space larger than 3 meter x 3 meters (10 x 10 feet)
●Planning to set up a sound system with PA.
●Planning to use a generator.
●Including the use of fire and gas except for cooking and/or a camp fire on fire pit.
●Planning to burn the art or theme camp materials at the end.

You can avoid submitting the form by contacting the theme camp and art coordinator Shogo through Discord.
How to joinDiscord ;

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リーダーのお名前, Name of leader *
リーダーのDiscordアカウント名, Account name of the leader *
テーマキャンプまたはアートの名前, Name of the theme camp or Art *
どんなキャンプまたはアートですか?何人くらいで、どんな資材・機材を持ち込んで、どんなものを作ったり、参加者に提供したりする予定か分かる範囲で詳しく教えてください。     What are you planning for your theme camp or art? Please describe the activities as well as equipment and building materials you plan to bring in the location. *
どのくらいの広さが必要ですか?(テーマキャンプとしての出し物やアートのほか、自分たちのキャンプ場所も含めたサイズを確保します。)     How big of a space would you like to reserve? The size includes the space for your tents. *
音や火の演出など、別途申請や周辺キャンプとの調整の必要なものの持ち込みを予定していますか?     Are you planning to bring in items and/or activities that require special arrangements and/or does it meet any of the criteria below? Please check any that apply. *
テーマキャンプの活動内容にあわせたコロナ対策を考えてありますか?心配な点もお知らせください。Do you have COVID safety measures for your theme camp? If there's any concern related to the activities and performance you provide, let us know. *
どうやって後片付けを完璧に仕上げる予定ですか?(あてはまるもの全てにチェック!)     What is your Leave No Trace plan? Please check everything you plan to do. *
何かテーマキャンプに関して聞いておきたい事がありますか?      Is there anything you like to know about theme camps at Burning Japan?
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