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2019 Hillsdale United Methodist Church Congregational Survey
In an effort to better engage our congregation and community we conduct a survey each year to hear directly from you what works and what doesn't work in how we do church. Use this survey to let us know about your typical experience in worship here at Hillsdale UMC. We also want our people to grow as disciples of Christ, so some questions relate to your self-assessed spirituality and our mission as a church. Feel free to answer, or not, any question as you see fit.

Please mark your responses and use the "other" option to offer more comments. Your answers are confidential, but we will share the summarized results of the survey with the congregation to help us move forward as a church. If you have strong feelings about a particular question please come and talk with me about it! Negative, anonymous answers don't help us move forward as a church! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

In Christ,
Pastor Brian Neville

Demographics - Name
What's your name? (feel free to leave this answer blank if you would like to remain anonymous)
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Demographics - Age
When were you born?
Church Mission - Assets
Our mission as a church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We accomplish this through worship that inspires (know God), missions and outreach that changes people's lives (advance God's kingdom), and small groups that encourage us in our faith (do God's will). What is our greatest asset in making disciples?
Worship Service - Inspiration
Do you generally find our worship inspiring?
Worship Service - Inspiration
What do you find inspiring in our worship? What is lacking?
Your answer
Worship Service - Inviting Others
Do you think our worship service appeals to the community outside of our church? If not, what do you think we could change to make it more appealing?
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Worship Service - Changes
If we could change just one thing to improve you or a visitor's Sunday morning worship experience, what would it be?
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Worship Service - Various Elements
Evaluate these parts of the worship service
Congregational songs
Choir/Special songs
The liturgy
The prayers
The sermon
The bulletin
The sound quality
Video and projection
Worship Music
What kind of variety would you like to see in the worship music that is performed and sung at worship services?
Staff of the Church
Please evaluate the following staff people of the church. This information will be confidential and forwarded to the Pastor for review of the staff and to the Church Board. The Church Board gives raises for all staff and also evaluates the pastor. If you have a specific matter you would like to share about staff or the pastor, please see the pastor directly.
Brian Neville - Pastor
Eunjoo Lee-Huls - Music Director
Kristine Melius - Youth Minister
Kristine Melius - Office Manager
Carol Stalter - Hillsdale United Nursery School Director
Karen Tintle - Hillsdale United Nursery School Business Director
Albeiro Montoya - Custodian
Kelly Bennett - Nursery Attendant
If you, or the children you bring to church, use our Sunday School, what would you say about it? (Check all that apply. Leave everything blank if you don't use Sunday School.)
We are very excited to launch a new informal worship service! We hope to launch a trial version in the coming weeks with a full launch at Easter, but we could use your help! Which of the following might you be willing to do?
When you think of the overall health of our church, what do you think Hillsdale UMC needs more of?
Other - General Questions
Feel free to comment on any aspect of the church, including what you like that the church is doing, the worship service, evaluating staff or key volunteers, the Sunday School or to elaborate on a previous point. You can also comment on our church in a general way or suggest a question for next year's survey.
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