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【清酒之源 ~ 酒造好適米】工作坊

為配合Touch Ceramics的千面酒皿珍藏展,我們聯同 舉辦【清酒之源 — 酒造好適米】工作坊。

【清酒之源 ~ 酒造好適米】工作坊 : 新酒米/地米


1/白露垂珠 雪女神 純米大吟釀 原酒 39% vs 白露垂珠 出羽燦燦 純米大吟釀 原酒 33%

2/國士無雙 純米大吟釀 彗星45% vs 山丹正宗 純米大吟釀 松山三井50%

3/妙高山 本釀造 越息吹65% vs 鍋島 特別本釀造 佐賀之華 60%

日期 Date: 2019.1.19 週六Sat (15:00-16:30)

費用 Fee : $380

地點 Venue : Touch Ceramics
Rm 203, Block 3, TaiKwun,10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

查詢 Enquiry : 2562 9000

"Romancing the sake rice " workshop
Japanese Sake is made from a special rice called sake rice (Saka Mai). Its unique attributes influence the flavor profile of sake.

Touch Ceramics joins hands with organizing 2 x “Romancing the sake rice” workshops, help you understand and appreciate why similar types of sake can taste different and what makes high grade sake.


1. 填妥網上報名表:

2. 請將費用轉賬至 HSBC: 817-881998-001 TOUCH CERAMICS LIMITED,並將過數纪錄電郵回
(* 請註明參加【清酒之源 ~ 酒造好適米】工作坊 1或2)

查詢:+852 2562 9000

**Remarks: All fees are non-refundable. And please arrange the payment in 3 days, otherwise reservation will be cancelled.
**請注意, 所繳交款項不設退回。請在3天內付款,逾期繳款者名額將被取消。

【清酒之源 ~ 酒造好適米】工作坊
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