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SkiJAM 2019 - organised together with Ad Absurdum - English Form
Orelle-Val Thorens, Three Valleys, France 2019. January 26 - February 2. (For passengers travelling by bus: January 25 - February 3.)
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ex. +36202666698
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From where did you hear about SkiJAM? *
From where, how did you hear about SkiJAM?
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If you are a scout, please write down the number and the name of your scout troop:
ex. scout team SkiJAM number 1
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Travelling: *
This year our buses have extra space for the legs to make it more comfortable. Travelling by plane costs 125 € extra, travelling individually costs 60 € less. The people who is taking the plane has no opportunity to ski an extra day unfortunately. We also have ‘only transfer’ option for the people living in other European cities, this costs the same as travelling on the bus.
Extra luggages *
Available also for people travelling by plane or individually. One bigger package (big luggage or cooling box or sports equipment) costs 15 €. (Only one-way costs the same.) This can be changed until the 10th of January but please do tell us as soon as possible.
What kind of accommodation do you want to choose? *
We are trying to give you the accommodation that you are indicating, although it is not guaranteed. (If there are more than one that would suit you, please indicate it in the ‘Comments’ section) This year we do not have bunk bed, except the basic accommodation and the 2 room, 6 people apartment. As from now, it is possible to have accommodation next to the skiing centre in Thorens.
If you would like to use your debit/credit card's insurance then please provide your bank's name and the bank's insurance company's name:
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Would you apply for a group insurance? *
Only for Hungarian residences. Costs 20€ for the total period of the trip, including travelling time. It is compulsory to have some kind of insurance, even individually!
Skiing lessons, equipment renting
Would you like to take discounted skiing and snowboarding lessons? *
Beginner lessons cost 20€, all the other lessons cost 40€. Anyone who has never done skiing before counts as a beginner. Anyone who has done skiing before, even if it was years ago, counts as a restarter.
If you would like to take lessons, in the last 8 years, how many days have you been skiing?
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Would you like to have discounted equipment renting? *
What other SkiJAM trips are you interested in?
Would you stay for an extra day to ski until the afternoon or do some other programmes? *
Participants travelling by plane cannot choose this option
If you are a scout, your scout ID and your troop leader's name, your email address: (20 € discount)
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Have you been at least in four SkiJAMs? If yes, then it entitles you to a 20€ discount (cannot be combined with the discount above)
With who would you like to have the accommodation? *
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Empty bed, no ski pass (-100 €), health information, what's your alternative choice in case of a waiting list for the accommodations etc.
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Charity: *
This year's SkiJAM is also a good way to help András Mihály ski instructor's family. The total amount of support is given to András' widow and his three children. If you can support them with a larger amount or any other ways please find us, we'll help.
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