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EthernityNet Airdrop 1
Blockchain Interoperability is one of the problems that blockchain technology is facing nowadays, many companies have tried to make a solution about this but they are still missing some important key factors to deliver true Interoperability. Interoperability means connecting or communcating between each blockchain's algorithm.
EthernityNet offers state of the art solution on this problem by launching EthernityNet protocol nodes. EthernityNet protocol nodes allows any type of blockchain to communicate to each other. So you can be able to perform trading any crypto of choice to your crypto of choice without the need of exchanges that have big transaction fees, for example: you can be able to swap xrp to ada, or zcash to your choice of altcoin using our EthernityNet platform, It is like advance Atomic swap but with more secure, more scalable, more easy to use and have zero transaction fees at all. EthernityNet also created what we call EthernityNet 1.0 node where trading of EthernityNet token to EthernityNet tokens has scalability of 150,000 transaction per second with-out any fees at all.
We funded our initial expenses but some good samaritans wanted to fund us and we can't say no. We know that this good samaritan team believes that this project's concept really worth multi-billion dollar so we become partners. Aside from multi-billion dollar concept we also want to change lives, because we are aware that the rich is getting richer with cryptocurrency, We Decided to have an Airdrop to give people some of EthernityNet and Share our victory in the future. We The EthernityNet team, Just want to deliver this token EVENLY for free in the community. But This is limited so make sure to Fill-up the form accurately in able for you to receive the EthernityNet Token.
Also You Can Donate For More EthernityNet Tokens
Do these to receive EthernityNet:
1. Follow our official twitter page and like our pinned tweet:
2. Tweet this on twitter:
Ethernity twitter startup airdrop campaign
#airdrops #freetoken #freecoin #EthernityNet #blockchain
3.Join Telegram Coomunity Of EthernityNet

1) Don't Try To Fill Multiple Times This Form.
2)Your Twitter Account Must Be Old 30 Days
3)Don't Spam On Telegram Group Or You Will Get Permanently Banned From Group and Airdrop
4)Don't Ask On Telegram Group When Airdrop End Or When Start You Will Find All On Telegram Pinned Message.

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Tweet this on twitter: Ethernity Twitter startup airdrop campaign#airdrops #freetoken #freecoin #EthernityNet #blockchain
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Donation : If you want to support us and build this token rightly feel free to donate.
For Every ETH You Donate You Will Get 10 ETHN
Exampe:Donate 0.001 Get 10 ETHN, Donate 0.005 Get 50 ETHN
And so on.
Donation Address: 0xf4686d7c1dC8E5bcE4C498FCcdf4e359A1f8C3A5

If You Will Donate 0.01 You Will Get 100 ETHN Instantly On Your Wallet.

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