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Project Kazimierz Podcast interviewee check list and background info
This form is for people who are being interviewed for Project Kazimierz. or who want to nominate themselves or someone else for interview.

It has information about preferred technical setup and some background information about Project Kazimierz

Please send me an e-mail after submitting the form, as I often miss Google Form Notifications.

Richard Lucas

Tech setup

I prefer Skype because I am non technical and my "call recorder" software works well with it. If this is a problem I can consider adjusting,
1, You install Skype and send an invitation to me at lucasrh
2. Set Skype to "Do not disturb" on the File Change Status menu
3. Switch your phone to silent
4. Disable other audio communicators and alerts (easier said than done, If someone Facetimes me it always gets through)
5. Wear headphones, (so we don't get feedback from your speakers to microphone)
6. We video skype if the line is good, switch to audio only if there are problems
7. If the line goes down, I will call you back, often I or you misses a few second of audio so we restart from the last topic, our sound engineer is meant to sort things out later.
8 typical recording length is about an hour, I can be shorter if you prefer
9 If you have recording software please record the interview as well as a backup.

The main goal is to be interesting :-) Typically I've approached people because they are doing something that I think a wider audience will find interesting, and share their know how and perspectives. Assume the listeners are intelligent but have never heard of you and don't know your industry or area of expertise well. Try not to use jargon or assume they will get cultural references from Poland, UK, USA or where ever you are from. Ideally it's meant to be fireside chat over a beer with an interesting stranger, but the tone can vary.

The regular topics I ask about involve you explaining
who you are, and your entrepreneurial journey
what you do
why it matters
lessons learned
advice to those listening,

I also ask people about their bio/entrepreneurial journey, how they took the decisions that got them into the project or businesses they lead, how it was viewed by their family and friends, any breakthrough, key moments or special insights.

This form gives you the chance to suggest links to go in the show notes, and usually the conversation triggers a few more (like references to TED talks, books or blogs)

I will publicise the event on my social media and encourage you to do the same on yours. The most popular podcasts get about 3000 downloads, the least 50. It depends on serendipity and how far the person I'm interviewing promotes the link on tweets linkedin Facebook etc. One day I will crank up the promotion. but for now I am just building good quality content. People listen to past podcasts once they hear a new one they like.

About Project Kazimierz

Project Kazimierz is a podcast set up by Richard Lucas and Sam Cook in 2015 While the primary focus is on Entrepreneurship and innovation in Central Europe. we've interviewed entrepreneurial and interesting people from many places including
Rafał Plutecki Head of Google Campus Warsaw
Wojtek Burkot formerly head of Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow,
UK Angel Investor of the year Peter Cowley,
Kimon Fountoukidis, Founder of Argos Multilingual and PMR (and my business partner since 1999)
Podcasting Comedian Stuart Goldsmith,
WW II War Hero Wojtek Narębski
Jonathan Ornstein Director of the JCC Krakow
my brother Edward Lucas of The Economist.
and Will Bunker who founded in the 1990s, which was sold for $48 million
American Standup Comedian Russell Hiicks
Harriet Noble BBC World Service producer of World Hacks with 3 million listeners
Jethro Binns - founder of the world's leading online squash training portal

Kazimierz is the Jewish district of Krakow in Poland.

Krakow has a thriving tech scene and is one of the largest outsourcing hubs in Europe. Richard has the licence from to run TEDxKazimierz events, and some of the interviewees are speakers at TEDx events.

In 2017 Sam decided to move on, and Richard is continuing the podcast alone. The focus on the podcast remains sharing with the world: people, ideas, businesses and projects of interest to business and social entrepreneurs.

If you have ideas of interesting people to host or things to do on the podcast or feedback about the process, I'm always interested.

Richard Lucas
mobile +48-601400058
Skype lucasrh

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