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We would be grateful if you would answer a few, quick questions about yourself and about the area, on behalf of the event organisers (see below)
Do you live in Margate or Cliftonville?
If not in Margate, where do you live? (Please give postcode)
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What is your age?
How often do you visit Margate and / or Cliftonville seafront during the year?
What do you like best about Margate / Cliftonville seafront?
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What (if anything) would you like to see change about the seafront?
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Have you heard of Margate Coastal Park?
If not, then read on....
Margate Coastal Park is a new name for a very old concept. It comprises the continuous stretch of open, public space from Margate Main Sands to Botany Bay.

Recent research has shown that the land was assembled by the Margate Borough Council, over a number of years starting towards the end of the 19th century, for the benefit of local people and the promotion of coastal tourism.

The history of the site has had a lasting impact on the development of British seaside culture.

Do you support the idea of officially designating the seafront as a park?
Do you support the idea of applying to have the seafront designated as a World Heritage Site?
Any particular reasons for your answers above? What (if anything) do you hope these actions would achieve?
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Would you like to see more of Margate's seaside shelters refurbished? (Following on from the refurbishment of the shelters at Nayland Rock and Marine Terrace)
Would you like to see an annual event that celebrates the seafront / coastal park?
What kind of events would like to see happen or be promoted in the area?
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Would you like to know about and / or support future efforts to promote the Coastal Park?
If yes, please provide your name and email address or preferred contact details
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THANK YOU on behalf of Margate Coastal Park Promotion Group

Margate Coastal Park Promotion Group is a not-for-profit community group established in 2016.

Our aims are:

1- To develop a shared understanding of the history and significance of the continuous stretch of open space that lines the coast of Margate, from Main Sands to Botany Bay, including:
• Its potential as a heritage site of international importance
• Its value as a public park and amenity

2- To celebrate and connect the people who use the Coastal Park, working with them to develop a shared agenda for the protection and enhancement of this public space and the rights and well-being of the community.

Our contact details are:


WEBSITE: (with links to the research mentioned above)

TWITTER: @margatecoastpk

INSTAGRAM @margatecoastalpark


HASHTAG #margatecoastalpark #clifftopwander

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