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Full-Fillment Assessment
Welcome! Fulfilment is a nice fuzzy word, but what does it mean exactly? In YOLT’s definition, how full you are refers to how much of our fullest potential you’re playing at in a life that is filled with meaning and purpose. This is what we call being full-filled, or as we say, a YOLT life. :)

The questions and indicators below are simply a reference point, you are absolutely free, and in fact encouraged to define what a “0” or a “10” looks like in your life. After all, this is your Full-Fillment we’re talking about. Have fun!
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How satisfied are you with your level of health and fitness? *
If you fall sick frequently, or the lack of energy slows you down
If you enjoy a prime, physical state of mobility, vitality and the like.
How pleased are you in the physical spaces you spend the most of your time at? Say your work, school or home? *
If you are constantly in a state of stress and discomfort
If you are comfortable and the space facilitates you into a state of “flow” of your best self.
How are you content with the quality of your relationships with your friends, family, and intimate ones? *
If there is a lack of communication with others
If you have deep relationships with people you can trust and be vulnerable, be yourself with.
How fast can you pick yourself up again and move forward when faced with adversity? Rate your overall peace of mind and level of emotional stability. *
If you feel your emotions are running and controlling your life
If you’ve learnt to enjoy calm in the storm
Esteem is the valuation of your own worth. It does not have to be arrogant, or boastful. Who is it you see in the mirror? *
If you see a failure
If you see someone of worth and value.
How are you growing in your life - taking on challenges, learn new knowledge, mastering new skills? *
If you have remained at where you are for the past three months
If you are constantly expanding your experience.
How are you being in the area of your work (career, business or studies)- not when you compare yourself with others, but your best self? *
If you are frustrated, miserable performing below your potential.
If you are confident and excited to produce quality work you know you’re capable of.
How close are you to financial freedom? To having an income that enables you to do what you want, when you want, to reach your fullest potential without being limited by money. *
If you are still under heavy financial obligations and debt
If you have more passive income than the cost of your desired lifestyle.
When we experience life’s failures, it’s easy to lose hope. Which is why It is important for us to believe in, and have a personal connection with something greater than us that we can rely on. For some, you would call Him God, who has a plan & purpose for you. For others, your connection with the Universe, or Destiny. Do you know does your hope come from? *
If you can only rely on yourself
If you walk in confidence knowing you can draw strength from a higher source.
“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” Here at YOLT we live as if we live twice, which means we’re acutely conscious of our mortality, and eventually what we will leave behind- what we will pass on to the next generation, what will continue to make an impact and difference even after we’re gone; our legacy. If life is a journey then this is our destination- everything we do whilst we are on this earth leads to this. How far along are you in building your legacy? *
If you haven’t decided on what your legacy will be
If you are at peace knowing the legacy you want to pass on is complete.
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