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2019 Student Film Competition Registration Form
Thank you for submitting your film to the 9th Annual Student Film Competition. We look forward to reviewing your film! Please take a moment to register your submission via this form, and to read the Terms and Conditions listed at the end. There will be a place to insert the link to your film under Film Information. If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Gamurot, Student Film Competition Coordinator at

Please submit one form per film submission. Deadline for all submissions is January 8, 2019. Please note the submission deadline will not be extended. Thank you!

Please check one: If more than one student collaborated on the film, please register the film as a Group Submission.
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Film Information
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Films must be less than five minutes in total to qualify. (Minutes, seconds)
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How will you be submitting your film? *
Please select one option from below. Full instructions for submitting a film are on the SFC Information Page
If you selected "Upload to DropBox" in the previous section, please use the link here to upload to DropBox.
Note: Your submission will not be final until you have submitted your film.
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If this is a Group Submission, please list the full names and grades of all participating students.
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Secondary Contact - Teacher or Parent
Please provide the contact information for one teacher or parent who has agreed to be the secondary contact for this film submission.
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Local Newspaper
Please list the name(s) of your local newspaper publications for potential media outreach.
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Terms and Conditions
Please read the Terms and Conditions for the competition by accessing it directly from our website at
By submitting to the festival, I agree to the Terms and Conditions. If any of these criteria are not met, I understand that my entry will be disqualified. *
I hereby warrant that I have the rights to the use of this license and that I have sole copyright ownership of the photograph(s)/video/film footage specified in the submitted film, or that I have requested permission to use the photographs(s)/video/film footage and can provide proof of permission. *
By submitting an entry to the festival, I also agree to release the content to the International Ocean Film Festival for any future promotions and programming. *
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