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Provincial Eligibility 2024 - Exemption Application
The Exemption Application is to be used by athletes who require special consideration to compete at Nationals under a Provincial Sports Organization in a province other than the one in which they currently reside.

For all intents and purposes, Dodgeball Canada defines a resident as, where you play, where you work, where you live and spend the significant majority of your time.

Exemptions can be granted on grounds of temporary relocation, insufficient time to integrate to a new community, health safety and wellness concerns, among others. We encourage you to be as forthcoming as possible with as many details to support your application request.

This is an exemption to the residency requirement whereby athletes must "play where they live", or compete for or represent the province in which they primarily reside.

Exemptions are being considered as a form of accessibility to athletes who, in good faith, meet reasonable criteria and are able to demonstrate in the necessity to compete away from where they currently reside.

The following requirements must be met to be considered for an exemption:

1. Players must be a member of the Dodgeball Canada in good standing
2. Players must submit this exemption application in full at least 3 weeks prior to their desired PSO qualification event
3. Where required, athletes seeking exemptions should submit any supporting documentation to the Director of Sport and Player development -

Applications will be reviewed by Dodgeball Canada's board of directors. Should follow up communication be required, a representative will reach out directly with you.
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