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SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation (SGSF)
MISSION: To engage, empower and develop tweens, teens and young ladies into impactful game changers through character development and leadership with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

VISION: Through its partnership with girls, parents, educators, volunteers, community leaders, donors, and strategic alliances commits to providing mentorship, bridging the gap in communication and creating unique opportunities for self-awareness activities, career preparation, community engagement, financial responsibility and educational planning.

All that you share helps us get to know you, your talents, skills and interest as it relates to SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation. Thank you for taking the time to share! - SHINE Team!

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Statement of Confidentiality - Interns, are required to comply with policies that protect confidentiality and disclosure of SUPERGirls SHINE Foundations operations, systems, financial statements, records and personal/personnel information that they become privy to as a result of working directly with the students. Disclosure of SUPERGirls records and personal information beyond program personnel and representatives having obligation of confidentiality, shall require written consent from the Director of Education. I understand the above statement and will comply with the policy to maintain confidentiality and to respect the SUPERGirls' right to privacy, refraining from disclosure or confidential information and intrusion into the student's family life. *
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