The Third U.S. National Climate Assessment - Printed Materials Information
Hardcopies of the 140-page Highlights summary report and the 20-page Overview booklet are available free of charge through now at the links below. Requests for multiple copies can be accommodated, but may be limited by availability.

140-page Highlights:

20-page Overview:

While the 830-page Full Report is not available in hardcopy, printable PDF files of the Full Report, its individual sections, the Highlights summary report, and the Overview booklet are all available for immediate digital download at in addition to the interactive online versions at .

Additional printable PDF materials including a 4-page Report Findings brochure, a 4-page Climate Trends and Regional Impacts brochure, and 2-page summaries for the Northeast, Southeast and Caribbean, Midwest, Great Plains, Southwest, Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands, and the Agriculture sector can be downloaded at .
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