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Smash 'n' Splash 4 - Volunteer Application
This form is to sign up as part of the volunteer force at Smash 'n Splash 4 in Wisconsin Dells, WI! Major events are not possible without a wide coalition of volunteers, and we are always grateful for our community's support. Your volunteer experience will be directed by a very experienced group, "Stop Your Friendlies"! You may have seen us around your regional smash community events!. Just like last year, your volunteer coordination team is Josh Kassel, Chuck Vigus, Valerie Wonderland, Nate Cordonnier, Jon Im and Ben Nyenhuis. We are supported by main TO's and SNS4 Coordinators Josh Weber, Aaron Tollerud, Joshua Michael Marcotte, Kevandre Thompson, Matt Swanson and Thomas Puccio. Now, on to the fun stuff...

Our Volunteer Rewards!
If you decide to volunteer, depending on how long you are able to donate your time, you will be included in a bunch of cool stuff.
2 - 4 hour shifts
- Volunteer shirt
- Red Bull Can
6 - 8 hours
- Priority Seating
- Volunteer shirt
- Red Bull Can

We are also looking at food vouchers for the venue!

The volunteer process happens in three steps:

We require our volunteers to work a minimum of 6 hours (usually 3 shifts) during their volunteer weekend. If you are unable to work this many hours please only consider applying if you are able to offer your assistance as a pool captain. We always need pool captains.
Step 1: Fill out this volunteer form with your information and experience <--You are here.
Step 2: You will be added to the Facebook group "SNS4 Volunteers" no later than three weeks prior to the event. Please keep an eye on that group for any announcements.
Step 3: A schedule will be created ~2 weeks prior to the event; you will be responsible for signing up for shifts on the Facebook page once the schedule is released. More information about this step will be found in that Facebook group.
Step 4: You will be required to attend the Volunteer meeting on Thursday evening. More details will come in time.

Thank you all, and we'll be in touch soon!

What is your name? *
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What is your display name on Facebook? *
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What is your email, in the event you can't be reached otherwise? *
This is the e-mail that we will be sending the group link to so that you can proceed to the next step. Please provide us with an e-mail that you use regularly. We will not spam or send mindless e-mail.
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Which games would you have an interest in volunteering for? *
Have you volunteered at a competitive video game event before? *
Would you be willing to commit to a minimum of six hours of volunteer work for the event? *
Volunteer or TO/Staff Experience?
This is for your to communicate any past staffing or tournament organizer experience to the SNS4 Team so that we may consider you for any roles that are considered to have a heightened amount of responsibility. If you are experienced with captaining pools for smash majors or helping out with stream running, please let us know what you can contribute!
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