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Bethel Assistance Ministry LT program

Bethel only offers help one time per family. This program is NOT for immediate help.

This is a long-term process that takes 6 months or more. If you have received help from Bethel within the past 12 months, you are not eligible for this program until one year has passed.

This application is for families who have already been through Bethel's regular evening BAM process, and are interested in a long-term partnership towards sustainability. This is NOT a program where you will receive immediate help with rent, utilities, etc. This is a program that works with you to overcome barriers and move towards sustainability for your family.

Please complete all information. Your answers are for information purpose only, and will be reviewed with past information you have previously submitted. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted about your request for assistance.

This is a long-term (LT) program with a minimum SIX MONTH COMMITMENT to participate, and includes weekly work with an advocate.
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I declare the information I have provided is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby give my express consent to BETHEL CHURCH to verify my information and to share it with relevant staff and volunteers and to enter my information into Charity Tracker (Tri-Cities Network). I release Bethel Church from any and all liability and understand that assistance may be withheld for incomplete or misinformation on the application or during the interview. *
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