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SMC Election 2017 Nomination Form
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Information about the Elected Roles

1. The President shall be the chairperson of all Executive Council meetings and . In his/her absence the Vice-President shall assume the chair.

(a) The President shall coordinate the implementation of the decisions or directives resulting from the General Body;
(b) Serve as ex-officio member without vote of all committees except the nominating committee;
(c) Enforce the SMC bylaws, rules, policies and regulations;
(d) Appoint all committee chairpersons with the approval of the Executive Council unless otherwise, provided by these bylaws. Chairpersons of committees shall appoint committee members subject to the approval of the Executive Council;
(e) May, by the approval of the Executive Council, act as spokesperson of the Executive Council, and Call special meetings of the general membership on his/her own initiative, at the request of the Executive Council or in response to a written request signed by twenty percent (20%) of the voting members;,
(f) Be responsible for the functioning of the various organizations of the SMC and keep or cause to be kept careful supervision over all the work in the SMC.

2. The Vice-President shall be the liaison with all non-constituent organizations and.

(a) Be member of the Executive Council
(b) Assume all the duties and authority of the President in his/her absence,
(c) Assists the President in the discharge of his/her duties,
(d) Fill the vacancy in the office of the President.

3. The Secretary shall:

(a) Prepare the agenda and notification of all meetings in consultation with the President;
(b) Record and maintain minutes and an accurate record of the transactions of all business meetings of the members of this corporation and of the Executive Council;
(c) Be responsible for keeping the records of attendance;
(d) Maintain and update annually the membership records;
(e) Attend to and maintain correspondences including being the custodian of all records, documents and papers that belong to the SMC;
(f) Be responsible to post notices and notifying members by mail, of all meetings and affairs to be voted on;
(g) Maintain a membership book of all members of the SMC, and shall record therein the fact and date of termination, if any, of the membership of any such member;
(h) Perform such other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, or by these bylaws, or as may be prescribed from time to time by the Executive Council.

4. The Treasurer shall

(a) Be responsible for all financial transactions of SMC and maintain full and proper financial records;
(b) Forthwith deposit all SMC monies with the bankers, as directed by the Executive Council;
(c) Collect membership dues from constituent members;
(d) Prepare an annual budget for the ensuing year for approval by the Executive Council and the General Body;
(e) Present interim financial statements on a quarterly basis, and within forty-five (45) days of the closing of the quarter, to the Executive Council, and shall submit the same for inspection of the General Body as and when required;
(f) Sign all checks and all other financial documents and shall present for counter signature to the President, or in his/her absence, the Vice-President;
(g) Present at the General Body meeting accounting records comprising of an income and expense statement, balance sheet and supporting notes thereof for the year ending December 31 ;
(h) Install and implement internal control and procedures of all financial records of SMC.

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