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Teaching Feedback
Please reflect on your experience this semester and provide some feedback to help me improve my teaching and the teaching in the math department as a whole. Thanks!

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Examples: MTH 132-024 or A. Krause.
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What were your goals for the semester? To what extent did you meet your goals?
Did you earn the grades that you hoped for? Did you focus on your coursework to the extent that you had planned? Did you attend class as much as you planned?
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How did my teaching contribute to your success or failure to meet your goals?
Which things were and weren't valuable? Is there something else I can do?
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How did your engagement contribute to your success or failure to meet your goals?
Are there things you would have done differently or emphasized differently? Did you work as much as you planned to at the beginning of the semester?
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Identify learning resources that you used during the semester and briefly explain how those resources supported your learning.
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Why do you think that some resources were useful and others were not?
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Please explain how you perceived the importance of attending class.
Did you find class useful? What motivates you to come to class? What else can I do to make class more useful?
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How accurately do you think that you were assessed?
Do you feel like you were able to express the depth of your understanding? Do you think your grade is a good representation of your effort and commitment to the course? How else could you be assessed?
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Did you collaborate with classmates throughout the course?
To what extent do you think it is important to be a part of a learning community?
Did you study with your peers? Do you feel like you should have worked with your classmates in different ways? Do you think it is useful to study with peers? How can I support the development of a learning community?
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