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MIST Nationals 2018 - Competitor Waitlist
Thank you for your interest in MIST Nationals 2018 - we are so excited to see you soon in New York! A record number of participants have expressed interest in attending this year's tournament, surpassing our expectations and stretching the capacity of our competition venue to its maximum. While we are happy to see so many of you registered for Nationals, we need to ensure safety regulations are not violated.

We have now reached our competitor cap!

Only a certain number of competitors will be able to attend, based on the order in which you register online, time constraints for competitions, etc. If you plan on attending Nationals, please fill out this Wait List form ASAP and we will notify you by 6/20 if space has opened up.

-Please do not sign up on Adderpit until you have received a confirmation via email that you have been selected from the waitlist. If you sign up on Adderpit without approval, you will be removed from the system by our registration team.

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