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Practicing Coaching & Mentoring - Registration [Jan 2019]
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Have you ever worked with the youngsters with fewer opportunities (living in poverty, coming from rural areas, long-term unemployed youngsters, youngsters with social obstacles, youngsters which are somehow 'stuck in life')? Please describe your experience. *
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Self-Assessment of coaching & mentoring knowledge and skills
Think about what you already know. Then evaluate your knowledge in each of the following topic areas.
1= strongly disagree, 2= disagree, 3= undecided, 4= agree, 5= strongly agree
I am aware of who I am as a person, how I function and how this reflects back in the professional aspect in doing youth work and the inclusion aspect of youngsters with fewer opportunities. *
I have a vast perspective on other cultures, traditions, customs, etc. and how this reflects back into the inclusion aspect of young people with fewer opportunities in my current job and projects I am organising with and for my sending organisation. *
I have different perspectives on how to coach & mentor youngsters and guide them in such way that they realize their goals and do actions to achieve results which benefit them. *
I can use different tools which can be implemented in my current job as well, like working with body movement, video, language, etc. *
I have a great set of skills when it comes to implementing different tools and not being afraid of placing youngsters in different situations and approaching them in different settings in order for them to learn something. *
I have different skills and competences on how I can include young people with fewer opportunities in my work. *
I have a clear view regarding the context, situation and target groups in which and for who I am operating. *
I have a clear idea on how youngsters with fewer opportunities can be included in projects/activities/events/etc. I can organise in the community. *
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