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GWYOA Musicians' Contract
In order to hold your seat in the orchestra, you must complete and submit this form by August 1, 2018. Wait Listed musicians will be offered your seat after the deadline.
Dear Musicians and Parents:

Congratulations! Welcome to the 2018-2019 season of the GWYOA. Becoming a member of the orchestra requires a serious, season-long commitment. In order for the orchestra to have a successful concert season, we have listed below requirements and responsibilities for all musicians. Musicians and a parent must select the “Yes” buttons below to indicate your acceptance of these requirements and responsibilities. Checking the “No” button will void your acceptance into the orchestra.

1. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Inappropriate behavior, excessive tardiness and absences (excused or not) jeopardize the orchestras ability to perform and will necessitate a review by the conductor with the Board of Directors. More than 2 absences per semester will be considered excessive and may constitute grounds for dismissal.

2. Concert attire, as specified by the conductor, is required at all performances. See Member Info at

3. Members are expected to practice their music as assigned.

4. Westchester Elementary Strings Orchestra and Westchester Junior Strings Orchestra members must keep original music sheets in good condition (in a folder, bag, briefcase, portfolio, or the like) and must be brought to all orchestra rehearsals and events. Lost music must be replaced by the member. Westchester Youth Symphony Orchestra members must also keep music sheets in good condition. Music folders will be distributed at each rehearsal/performance and collected at the end of the rehearsal/performance.

5. Members must bring a folding music stand, pencil, and an extra set of strings to all rehearsals and performances. Cellists and bassists must bring a rock stop.

6. Parents and musicians may be asked to help in setting up chairs before rehearsals, as well as returning them after rehearsals.

7. Seating in the orchestra is determined by the conductor.

8. During all rehearsals and performances, members are expected to show consideration for their fellow musicians and for the conductor by behaving in a mature and cooperative manner. Repeated instances of disruptive behavior may be grounds for dismissal, at the discretion of the conductor.

9. Cell phones, other electronic devices, books and other distractions are to remain out of sight during rehearsals.

10. Musicians are expected to be members in good standing of their school strings/orchestra programs.

11. Parents and members give the GWYOA the right to use your name/photograph/image/audio recording/video recording and likeness in all forms and manner including but not limited to publication on Internet Web Sites, broadcasts,
and any other publications as released to or by the GWYOA.

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