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Greenhouse Visioning
Greenhouses are places of experimentation. A nurturing, safe environment where new ideas can take root. The GWI Greenhouse is intended to do the same, just for people, not plants (but maybe a few plants).

We are not only in the midst of construction on the physical space, we are also under construction on the conceptual space as well, and we need your help.

We see the Greenhouse as a communal environment where people can work, meet, host events, partner with the Good Work Institute and members of our network, and access tools and support. To help us understand the best way to achieve these goals, we have a few questions.

As a place to work, what is most important to you in a shared work space?
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As a community event space, are there events, programs, or initiatives you would like to: (1) Attend at the Greenhouse?
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(2) Host at the Greenhouse?
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(3) Partner with GWI to develop for the Greenhouse?
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