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Hawken School Parents' Association Volunteer Form

Volunteering at school events is a great way to meet new people and get involved! Let us know what you are interested in, and what kind of time commitment you'd like to make, and we will contact you as events are being planned.

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Do you have a preferred campus where you would like to volunteer? *
Are you interested in helping with one or more of our Special Events? (ie: Grandparents Day, Field Day, Book Fair, Winter Fest, etc.)
Are you interested in volunteering on a weekly or regular basis at the Hawks Nest/Cafe?
Are you interested in being a Class Parent Council (CPC) representative?
Are you interested in helping prospective families or hosting new families for the Admissions Office?
Are you interested in working at the Lyndhurst campus Library? (Check in and out books, shelve and process books, and other general library needs.)
Are you a parent of someone in Class of '20 and available to help with the various events in the Spring of 2019?
Are you interested in chairing/co-chairing a committee?
ASSIST program (Hosting international/exchange students during their time at Hawken. Check all that interest you.)
Thank You for taking the time to tell us about your volunteering interests at Hawken School!

-Like the Hawken Parents' Association page on Facebook.
-Email any questions to
-Look for Hawken Parents' Association communications on upcoming events in the weekly school newsletter emails and the Parents' Association newsletter emails.
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