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KAFF Application Form
Welcome! If you wish to apply for the Keep Away From Fire development team to work on Boreal Alyph, then you've come to the right place! Please take care to read the descriptions of each page and question. They may contain important information that will help boost your chances of being accepted.

Our website:
Basic Information
Basic info about yourself
Full Name *
If accepted, you'll be asked to sign an NDA, which you will have to provide your full name for. However, if so desired, your real name can be withheld from everything else, so that you remain anonymous to the public and the KAFF development team. If you would like your full name to appear only on the NDA and available only to the 3 development leads, please put 'REFUSED' in this box.
Pronouns *
How should we refer to you?
Discord Username *
The project's development is conducted primarily on our private Discord server. You are required to have a Discord account in order to participate. Please include both your username and your four-digit numerical tag (eg. 'Example#1234').
Email Address *
While Discord is used for most team communication, we still need your email address for more formal contact, and to grant you access to our various development resources. If possible, please provide a Google-linked email address.
We don't have a minimum age requirement, but age is an important factor in helping us understand you as a person. Maturity and reliability is an important factor when evaluating applications, so particularly young applicants might need to meet higher standards in order to be considered. Please don't lie about your age.
About Joining Our Team
By joining the team for this project, you are not entitled to payment. This is a fan project, and as such the budget for it is non-existent. By joining the team, however, you do gain access to a number of things:

• Our private Discord server
• Ability to participate in development discussions
• Possibility of expanding your role on the team
• Your name in the credits, unless specified otherwise
• Key to the Steam build of our game
• Access to our developer repositories and task management system

In exchange, we ask that you do the following:

• Spend at least a few hours a week working
• Stick to deadlines
• Work well as part of the team
• Be passionate about what you do
What main role are you applying for? *
What secondary role(-s) would you wish to be considered for?
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