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Diabetes & Language | Free Quiz
This four question quiz is inspired by the recent article, “The Use of Language and Diabetes Care” by Dickinson et al.

What words we choose, our body gestures and the use of certain terms can have a tremendous impact on our interactions with people living with diabetes.

This quiz highlights a few key areas where we may want to rethink our approach or feel reassured that we are on the right track.

For more information, please see our February Newsletter and good luck!

Based on the new AADE recommendations regarding language in diabetes care and education, which of the following statements best reflect the preferred approach when addressing people living with diabetes?
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Which phrase represents the principles for communicating with and about people living with diabetes?
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Joan has had diabetes for 16 years and lost 9 pounds over the past 3 months, after meeting with the diabetes educator and determining weight loss strategies. Which of the following is an appropriate response from the diabetes educator?
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Which of the following phrases uses recommended language when working with or discussing people with diabetes?
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