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Spring 2022 Battle of the Brains Online Coding Contest - Saturday April 9, 2022
UT Dallas Computer Science and CSTA Dallas Fort Worth welcome the school students for the bi-annual coding contest! We thank State Farm for continued sponsorship.

Fall 2021 Novice level problem set:
Fall 2021 Advanced level problem set:
Discussion of solutions:

(New students, you may need to use the direct problem links to practice...
For example, contest problem can be accessed as the regular problem

Please email your questions to

Schedule for the day @
Please decide the team names (indicate Novice or Advanced), ask one student from each team to join the contest, then click on View my team & add the remaining members.
Meetup page

We invite you and your HS programming teams (MAX 3 students per team) to attend this programming contest virtually!

While this contest is targeted for high school students, it is OPEN to all! All high school students should be registered through their HS teachers to qualify for prizes. Teachers should use their official school email addresses as well.

Kattis Scoring System:
A. Teams will be ranked according to the number of problems that they solve.
B. In the event of a tie, the teams within the tied group will be ranked according to their Penalty Points, fewest comes highest.

We will use Kattis for semi-automatic judging. There are typically 8-12 problems for each level to solve. It supports tons of languages including C++, Java and Python.

Here are the problems & solutions for the past contests:

Start with the email address of the coach and fill out the following form and submit. Please ask each participant to register individually at and accept DFW CSTA & UTDallas Code of Ethics to qualify for prizes.

Please email your questions to
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