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Service Without Walls Waiver
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Participant(s) acknowledge that they are voluntarily participating in a charitable event to serve the homeless and others in need sponsored/partnered by Service Without Walls, Inc. Participants also acknowledge that such events may take place in areas within the city limits of Atlanta and/or in other challenged neighborhoods and that such voluntary participation has the potential risk of being exposed to criminal activity which may result in the loss of property of or personal injury to the Participant(s). Participant(s) fully assume(s) the risks associated with the participation in the event(s) by being present and/or participation in these events. In addition, volunteers, servers and/or participants do hereby agree to hold harmless, not file suit and promise to indemnify, Service Without Walls, Inc., its officers, directors, owners and/or agents from any and all claims, demands, causes of action and other liabilities that may arise while: serving, visiting, participating, in route to or from a sponsored/partner event. Participation and presence at our sponsored/partner events also indicates your approval for you and any minor(s)/dependent(s) to be pictured in video, photographs and likeness by Service Without Walls, Inc. and may be used on promotional and/or other materials, websites and/or social media sites as allowed by Service Without Walls. This agreement will remain in effect from the date signed/submitted for every time you volunteer/participate until revoked in writing. You may be asked to submit or sign a new agreement each year or when changes are made. *
Name(s) Minor Children ***Enter DNA if it Does Not Apply*** *
Name(s) of Designated Responsible Adult(s) if parent/legal guardian will not be present. (DRA Must be over 18 AND at least 6 years older than child)* (must be completed by parent or legal guardian only) *Both MUST Sign in signature area* ***Enter DNA if it Does Not Apply*** *
Name of Parent/Legal Guardian assigning the above Designated Responsible Adult (Print) **Required if there is an assigned Designated Responsible Adult** ***Enter DNA if it Does Not Apply*** *
Submitting this form represents your legal agreement to these terms and conditions and you agree that your responses are true and correct. Please type name in other area *
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