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Advocacy Extension Skills Training 2019
Advocacy Extension Skills - Semester 2, 2019
The ASA Advocacy Service is offering an amazing opportunity to enhance your advocacy skills by attending some inspirational training workshops.

This training is ONLY available to Class Advocates who have completed the 'Introductory Class Advocates Training'.

The training modules are 'progressive'. This means that you cannot progress on until you have completed the previous module.

These modules are:

(i) Advanced Advocacy,

(ii) Communication Skills; and

(iii) De-Escalation of Conflict and Violence.

You must start with Advanced Advocacy and finish with De-Escalation of Conflict/Violence.

Sign up for all three or attend the one day training and experience all 3 modules on the same day.

Or if you have already completed 'Advanced Advocacy' then please sign up for the next two.
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You must choose either to do EACH of the 3 modules consecutively: starting with Advanced Advocacy, then Communication Skills and finishing with De-escalation of Conflict/Violence


You can do all 3 on the same day.

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