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iU3A Survey regarding 'Outings'
Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. All information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. In the general Members Survey of 2017 one of the aspects that the membership responded on was regarding and requesting more iU3A outings. The purpose of this survey is to follow up on that and try to assess what type of outings you would like, whether you be willing to organise an outing and how frequently you'd like an outing. We warmly welcome any ideas for outings that could be arranged.

Please complete the following sections – some sections require an answer, some can be skipped over. At the end please click on the “Submit” button.

The Islington U3A Committee is very grateful for your help in completing this survey. The deadline for completion is 15th January 2017. The findings will be announced in February through the iU3A Bulletin.

1. Would you be interested in participating in iU3A Outings? *
2. If you ticked one of the 'yes' answers above, what sort of thing would make you go (or not go) on a iU3A outing?
Please tick all the main aspects that would influence your decision
3. If you ticked 'Other' above please specify here
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4. If you ticked 'cost' above please indicate the maximum you would be willing to pay for an Outing.
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5. What type of Outing would you participate in?
6. Do you have any ideas for Outings? Please suggest them here.
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7. Regarding frequency, how often would you like to see Outings being available?
Tick one only
8. Would you be prepared to help in organising an Outing?
9. What type of help?
If you ticked one of the yes options above, is there a particular type of Outing that you'd only be interested in organising / help organising, or would you help generally?
10. Re Q8 if you ticked yes, what type of Outing would you like to organise?
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11. Have you any comments or suggestions about possible iU3A outings?
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12. If you want us to take up your offer or want specific feedback, please leave your email address here:
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