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VSHR Incubator - Tell us about your Project !
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When we work alone, we often lose our way, we feel alone and cold and fail to draw the result. VSHR care about your Medical project and we want to help you to make your project successful. So let's work together, because TOGETHER we can make bigger positive impact and make the project Successful.

Tell us about - the medical project you are working now or was working before and could not progress much. Please write us about your project/s and then we will review your project proposal. If we like your proposal, then you will invite you for a consultancy session and will provide you a time slot in our up coming VHS Medical workshop to present your project. And if your project vision and purpose match to VSHR vision, VSHR will place your project in VSHR INCUBATOR to adopt and facilitate (PR, Communication. leadership, management, resources, relationship, network, etc ) your project to move forward to draw positive impact.

So write us ! We are exciting waiting to hear from you.

VSHR Project Incubator Head :

Head of Project Development, RMIT University
Program Director, Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR)
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