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Yes & No playtester survey
I'd love to know how better to package, sell, and teach this game, so that more people use it to create yummy experiences of connecting through play. After a few initial questions about which version you've played and whether to list you as a playtester, this survey is going to dive into questions about your demographics and identity, how you personally discover and promote games, your experiences of play with Yes & No specifically, and where else you find related games and content. We'll close with some personal contact information in case you're available for followup questions and/or you want to receive the gift I'm offering to those who fill this out and already own the game: a complimentary copy of the next version.

By submitting this survey, you are consenting to the promotional publication of your responses to questions outside the section titled Demographics and Identity. At the end of the survey you'll have an opportunity to indicate whether you would like your name associated with any such quoted or paraphrased material.

What's the latest version of Yes & No that you've played? *
If you finish this survey, may I list you as a playtester? *
If you say yes, I'll ask you how you'd like your name displayed and what URL you'd like your name to link to (if any).
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