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We <3 Role-Play - Blogger App
1. Your blog must be older than 3 months.
2. Your blog must contain quality pictures and should display a unique, tasteful style. We are really looking for people offering something unique.
3. If you support stores that sell blatantly ripped content and are aware of it, you will not be considered.
4. You must blog at least THREE posts each round with VISIBLY displayed, different items.
5. 1 post should be done before the event starts, 2 posts during the event.
6. Flickr is a must have, social media networking is highly welcome.
7. We accept "flickr only" bloggers, if the items are properly credited below the picture
8. You must show proof of a decent readerbase (display your hits) etc.
9. You MUST have at least 1000 followers on Flickr.
10. You HAVE to send us the links to your posts in the form we will provide every month through group notes
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