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Application for Executive board member of GSU IEEE
E - Board Officers for GSU IEEE 2020 to 2021
IEEE at GSU would organize 2 events (seminar/workshop/panel/technical talk) in every month's Tuesday or Wednesday, according to the availability of the speaker. Prior to the event, we will have one board meeting to discuss about the upcoming event, where are the officers must attend.

During the event all the officers must:
1. Setup for the event like food, flyers, posters, social media, sign up sheet etc.
2. Clean up for the event like securing the sign up sheets, taking down the posters, etc.
As Section Chair you are the leader and the individual responsible for influencing and motivating your members toward the success of your Section. Whether you are new to the role or if you have been Section Chair for a while, we encourage you to review the Action Plan decided in the beginning of the semester.

GSU IEEE Vice Chair
The position of Section Vice Chair is important. The Vice Chair is also called on to lead the Section when the Chair is absent. As the Vice Chair, you assist the Section Chair in managing the operations of the Section in the best interest of the local members, and provide leadership and guidance to Section volunteers.

GSU IEEE Treasurer
The Section Treasurer role is much more than distributing checks and paying the bills. The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Section. As such, you are expected to proactively manage the financial health of the Section. The Treasurer is an integral part of the Section administration and a key member of the Section Executive Committee. Reporting financial status at the Section officers meeting

GSU IEEE Secretary
The section Secretary is responsible for Reporting election of Branch new officers and Branch activities each year. Working with your Branch officers to develop a plan for the coming year. The plan typically includes goals and activities for your Branch. A calendar of events is an outcome of this planning exercise Posting a Calendar of Events to your Branch website.

For More Details Contact: sadasivuni1 at gsu . edu
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