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Presentation College Housing & Meal Plan Waiver Process

All new students attending Presentation College, Aberdeen campus and enrolled in at least 9 credits are required to live in College housing and purchase a meal plan for their first two academic years. Students that are 21 years of age by the first day of classes of their enrolled semester are exempt from the Housing requirement.


This residency requirement serves important educational and developmental purposes. Students prosper in stable living environments that are close to academic resources and organized student activities that promote social interaction and exposure to new and diverse life experiences. On-campus housing provides unparalleled opportunities for multi-dimensional student development and is a key component of the college’s broad educational program.

The contracts you sign for housing and meal plans are strictly enforced. However, Presentation College recognizes that some off-campus living circumstances may closely replicate the advantages of on-campus housing and students may also have living or dining requirements that the College cannot accommodate on campus. The following waivers will be considered.


After proper documentation and college inquiry, students may qualify for a waiver to the housing and meal plan policies:

1. Married Waiver: Students requesting a release because they are married must meet the following criteria:

•A copy of a valid marriage certificate must be submitted to the Housing Office before a release can be approved or housing charges cancelled.

•The release date will not be earlier than the date of marriage

2. Legal Dependent Waiver: A copy of the dependent’s birth certificate must be provided to the Housing Office before a release will be granted.

3. Commuter Waiver: A commuter waiver may be granted to students desiring to live at the permanent residence of a parent or legal guardian within thirty (30) miles of campus. Parent’s notarized signature for this waiver is required. A meal plan may still be required. Original copy must be submitted with your application.

4. Financial Hardship Waiver: Applicants requesting release based on verifiable extenuating financial circumstances are required to complete the Financial Need Verification Form. Releases are not based upon the assertion that living off campus may be cheaper. A release will be considered when the applicant has a significant verified need for financial aid as defined by the personnel of the PC Financial Aid Office and that need cannot be fully met by financial aid.

5. Physical Health Waiver: Applicants requesting a release based on this criterion must provide information from their attending physician stating the specific verifiable condition for which it is medically necessary for the student to be released and why off-campus housing or a release from the meal plan would provide better living or dining conditions in regard to this medical condition.

Applicants are required to fill out the Medical Need Verification Form. The form must be completed in detail and signed by the attending physician. Paperwork must be complete before a decision is considered.

6. Mental Health Waiver: Applicants requesting a release based on mental health or emotional needs must provide a specific psychological recommendation evaluating the student’s specific needs or problems from a licensed mental health care provider.

7. Other: Any other special circumstances in which you feel an exemption from the housing or meal plan contract are necessary.
It is important to understand that unless you receive written notice from the Housing Office that you have been released from the housing or meal plan requirement you will be expected to occupy your assigned room and/or pay for your meal plan.


Once your form has been turned in, the Housing Office will verify you have filled out all of the necessary information required. Upon receiving your request, the Waiver Committee will meet to decide whether your waiver will be granted or denied. You will receive a letter via email with the committee’s decision.

If your waiver is denied you have the right to appeal the decision in writing. Appeals for decisions made by the Waiver Committee should be sent via email to where it will be reviewed by Vice President of Student Affairs. All decisions regarding appeals made by the Vice President of Student Affairs are final.


All waivers must be received by the DROP DATE of the semester applying. Late submissions will not be reviewed by the Committee. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates.
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