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SABGH Board of Directors Application Form
Thank you for your interest in joining the SABGH Board. The following information will be shared with our current board members.
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Mission of the San Antonio Business Group on Health
The mission of the SABGH is to work with employers and the community to promote a healthier San Antonio by: promoting employee health and wellness education; serving as a resource for sharing programs and ideas to positively impact employee health; publicly recognizing local employers for best practices in workplace health promotion; supporting strategic and economic solutions--addressing employers to top health issues and ensuring employee accountability; working with the health care delivery system to address rising health care costs and improve outcomes.
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Appointment to the Board of SABGH does a require a minimum two year commitment which includes approximately 2-4 hours per month performing duties for the SABGH and attendance at the monthly meetings, as well as any time necessary to complete your duties. Are you able to commit the required time during your tenure on the Board? *
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