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2021-2022 Upcoming 8th Grade Elective Preferences    
Select your top 3 preferences for your 8th grade elective class.  There is no guarantee you will be placed in the course of your choice.  Some students will be place in particular classes based on test scores and/or educational needs, or space available.  

*If there is an additional application required you will see (*) this after the course title.If one of the courses you've selected requires an application, your email address is required or you will not be considered for the class.

*Expect an email with an application for any 1st choice elective class that was selected and requires an application for the process.

*Only fill this survey out ONCE. Any additional entries will not be accepted and will be deleted.

 Online Elective Selection Forms will be due Friday, April 2, 2021.

Below you will find brief Descriptions of all electives offered for school year 2021-22.
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