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David Hone Dinosaurs Research Impact
Every 6 years or so British Universities are required to demonstrate that their research is useful to society in an exercise called Research Excellent Framework, the last exercise was REF2014 ( Here you can read all about how University research has impacted society.

Please could you take a moment to fill in this feedback questionnaire to help us gauge the real world impact of my research on dinosaurs and their biology through any of my outreach activities in the last six years. This may have come from my book ('The Tyrannosaur Chronicles'), blogs ('Archosaurs Musings' and the 'Lost Worlds'), public talks and lectures (including those online for the Royal Institution), podcasts (e.g. 'Dinosaur George', 'I Know Dino') or other events (my Reddit AMA, Cheltenham Science Festival) and media (such as the TV shows 'The Truth about T. rex' and 'T. rex Autopsy').

Where are you based
1. Has your understanding of dinosaur biology been increased by your contact with Dr Hone?
2. Has your contact with Dr Hone made you keen to learn more about dinosaurs?
3. As a result of your contact with Dr Hone, have you done any of the following to seek new information on the subject from any other source? (check all that apply)
4. If you think this contact with Dr Hone may make an influence on things you may do in the future, e.g. what you might read, watch, learn about dinosaurs and their biology, would you be happy for us to contact you in 6 months time to find out? If you provide us with your email address, we will send an additional short questionaire below.
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