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We need your support to secure the gains we've already made for grad workers and continue to build on our success! Improving our health care, reducing the pay gap, and reducing teaching obligations for the math department was only the beginning!

Please use the form below to indicate that you're interested in joining the organizing committee, becoming a member, or learning more to see how you might get involved - we will follow up with you by email!

We ask members to contribute $6/month in dues payments. These contributions are absolutely essential for us to create a stable, long-term organization that can win improvements for graduate students and continue to ensure that the university does not take them away. We will also be building a presence on campus toward holding a union vote when that is a possibility.

In addition to supporting our work, you will be an integral part of shaping our future campaigns and the issues on which we focus. All members will have voting rights in elections to determine the focus of our activism.

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