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Assignment - Self Scouting
You have been asked to evaluate your mental game. Research confirms the skills presented are
characteristic of successful athletes. In order to scout yourself we have provided this guide as a
resource for you. The Foundation Skills are the first three – Managing Emotions, Managing
Stress, and Motivation. Success Skills include the next three – Set and Achieving Goals, Team
Building, and Maintaining Positive and Effective Self Talk. The Performance Skills include –
Self Confidence and Focus.

With any skill we develop we go through stages of awareness and competence. When evaluating these
skills, please use the following framework to assess your skill level.

0-2 Unconscious Incompetence – In this stage you have very little knowledge of what it takes to be
successful at a specific skill. You don’t know, what you don’t know

2-4 Conscious Incompetence - In this stage you have the knowledge that you need to be successful and
learning a skill but do things that you know will limit your progress. You make excuses for continuing to
do those things or avoid dealing with brutal realities that are inhibiting your progress

4-6 Conscious Competence – In this stage you know what you need to do to be successful and you are
making progress toward competently performing the skill you are trying to learn. You still may have to
explicitly think about what you are doing to effectively perform the task and may identify further
obstacles to performing the skill.

6-8 Unconscious Competence – In this stage you can perform the task without thinking. You are able to
integrate all aspects of the skill to perform it. Performing the skill feels easy and effortless. You may start
thinking about ways to further improve at the skill.
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