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Device Request Form

This is a request form for students in ALL grades. These devices are being distributed with the intent that you need a dedicated device to work on at home. The device is intended and recommended to remain home.

Once verified, you will receive an email telling you when and where to pick up a device. The device will be a Chromebook. Important - the Chromebook does not have its own internal data service. It has to be connected to an outside WiFi source to operate. If you need a device with data service, we can issue you an IPad with a keyboard instead. Additionally, any lost or damaged devices will not be replaced. You must be careful and responsible with these devices. The devices are expected to be returned in June of 2022.

You MUST fill out this form completely and truthfully. The order in which you fill it out will not matter. It is NOT first come, first serve.
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Do you have internet access at home ? (this does not disqualify you from getting a device - but these laptops do NOT have their own WiFi) *
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This device is a loan from Midwood HS. If you receive a device, and it is broken while in your possession, you will most likely NOT receive a replacement. Additionally, all students will be asked to return the device in June. If you are leaving Midwood to attend another school, you also have to return the device. The device should only be used for school work, and it should be kept home. Do you understand the following expectations ? *
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