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[3 June - 29 August 2019] 3 Months Zen Retreat
Date | 日期: 3 June - 29 August 2019

Venue | 地点: Desaru Zen Meditation Centre | 迪沙鲁禅修中心
Address | 地址: No. 13, Jalan Belian 5, Marinea 2, Taman Desaru Utama, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia.

Fee | 收费:S$600 (不包括交通费用 not inclusive of transportation)

Payment | 付款: Please visit our centre to make payment as we only accept cash payment for this event. | 由于此项目只接受现金,请到观音禅林付款。

Personal Particulars 个人资料
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Health Status 健康状况
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Any history of mental illness? 是否有精神疾病方面的历史? *
Others 其它
Length of stay (DD-MM-YY to DD-MM-YY) 入住与离开日期 *
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Have you participated in any retreats organized by Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Meditation Centre? 您是否有参与过观音禅林举办的禅修活动? *
I would like the organiser to arrange transport for me. 我希望主办方替我安排交通。 *
How did you get to know about this activity? 您是怎么获知这项活动? *
Emergency Contact 紧急联络
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Declaration 声明
I hereby declare that the above information is true and am willing to abide by the Organizer's advice and the Zen Centre's regulations. I also understand that the Organizer will not be responsible for any injury incurred during the activity, and also agree to the usage of photos taken during the activity by the organizer. I also agree to receive email from the organizer. 谨此表示以上所填写內容属实, 我愿意遵守观音禅林的规定及负责人的指示。我同意在活动期间若出现任何意外, 观音禅林将无需承担任何责任。我也同意主办单位用当天所拍到的照片。我也同意主办单位发送电子邮件给我 。 *
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