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Pathways Courses for Spiritual Growth (Winter 2017-18)
Pathways Winter 2017-18
Following Jesus is a lifelong journey. Pathways Courses in Adult Discipleship help you on your way! Use this form to browse the options and PRE-REGISTER for the Course of your choosing--or just show up and receive that warm welcome from teachers and other participants alike!
GOLIATH MUST FALL: Defeat the Giants in Your life (for Women, all ages)
WEDNESDAYS at 6:30 pm Starting February 21 with Missy Bauman, Kathy Kim and Darcy Johnson
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Room 200H

In Goliath Must Fall, Louie Giglio puts a new and empowering twist on the classic story of David versus Goliath to show how Jesus has defeated "giants" in your life such as fear, anger, and addiction that seek to hold you captive. The key to defeating these giants is to focus on the size of our God, not the height of your foes. As these giants go down, you gain the freedom to walk confidently in the reality of Christ's victory over the enemies that seek to rob you of God's best for your life. For all ages, women of the church and community; coinciding with Club 56/Middle School youth group.

**Book and study guide are included for the first 15 people to sign up.

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DIVORCE CARE: Don't Go Through This Alone
WEDNESDAYS at 6:30 pm starting February 21 with Anne Olmstead
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Room 201

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.

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EVERY GOOD ENDEAVOR: The Integration of Faith and Work
SUNDAYS at 10:00 am starting January 21 with Paul Shekleton
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Room 200H

What are the connections between what we believe and how we do our workaday jobs? Is Christ’s call only for pastors and missionaries, or are ordinary Christians called, too? Participants will read a chapter of Tim Keller’s book each week and bring their own work experience to the class discussion. Expect to see changes in the way you approach your job as a result of this course.

**$11.00 materials cost.

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#Marriage4Real: Face to Face with Trinity Couples
SUNDAYS at 8:30 am with Tina and Jon Irish and Laurie and Tim DeValve
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Room 201

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SUNDAYS at 8:30 am starting January 28 with Bennett Kleinberg
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Room 102

We will open our Bibles together and experience the birth of the Church. We will see believers empowered by the Holy Spirit witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ, among Jews and for the first time to Gentiles. This exciting story includes the coming of the Holy Spirit, great speeches, Paul's transformation, persecution, a riot, shipwrecks, harrowing escapes, and journey narratives. Whether you are a new believer, or a lifelong follower of Jesus, you will grow through our discussion.

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SUNDAYS at 8:30 am starting January 28 with Rachel Hahn and Brian Wylie
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Room 200H

Come learn with us how to share the Good News with a culture that thinks it has no need for the Christian message. This 10-week study based on Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey will discuss the desperate need our world has for grace, and how Christians can truly make the gospel good news again.

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MONDAYS at 9:30 am starting January 29 with Wendy Smyth
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Room 201

Come join us as we journey together learning to pray more boldly and confidently in anticipation of the miracles God has for us! We’ll learn how to pray in a new way by drawing prayer circles around our dreams, our loved ones, and most importantly, the promises of God.

**$7.00 materials cost.

**CLASS CLOSED (Interested? Sign up for the next "Circle Maker Prayer" Session)
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(MESSY GRACE: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others without Sacrificing Conviction
**CLASS CLOSED (Interested? Sign up for the next Session)
THURSDAYS at 7:00 pm starting February 1 with Pastor Austin Bailey and Todd Foster
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Room 206

In our culture there are just some topics you cannot discuss in certain circles. Even in the church we get uneasy talking about certain topics, mainly money and sexually. Truthfully though, if Jesus talked about them, well, then we have to as well. Join us for a 5 week series following Caleb Kaltenbach’s journey in Messy Grace: how a pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing conviction. The video series will follow Caleb’s book and four individuals as they journey navigating God’s word and their sexual orientations. Get ready: this is about to get Messy!

**Course strictly limited to an enrollment of 16.

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COFFEE WITH MATT AND JOE: An Apprenticeship with Jesus, PART II
THURSDAYS at 7:00 pm Starting January 18 with Becky Brown
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Room 200H

Coffee with Matt and Joe has been described by those who have taken it as an apprenticeship with Jesus. It is a study of the teaching passages of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel as experienced by two men named Matt and Joe. Be warned though, if you take this Pathways course, Jesus will mess with your life.

**$35.00 materials cost. Financial assistance available.

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